MSL Report LaTeX Template

This project is to maintain a standard LaTeX template for MSL technical reports. The template is customizable for individual use, but the version kept here should be generic enough for all to use as a starting point.

MSL Report LaTeX Template

This template provides a basic LaTeX class file mslreport.cls and an example file mslreport-example.tex. The purpose here is to serve as a starting point for MSL-related reports and to maintain a standard look and feel across reports generated by different people within our group. You may choose to modify this template for your specific report, but please try to keep the same basic style. Most edits should not require you to edit the class file.

Report Numbering

You may choose to give your report a number. All report numbers from our group should have the general format MSL-Project-###. For example, if you are working on a technical note for ESA, you might call your reports MSL-ESA-TN1, MSL-ESA-TN2, etc. You might also consider including the document number in your title; for example, as MSL-Project-###: The Document Title.

Tips for Report Writing

Let's all strive to create professional reports. See also Josh's Tips for Technical Writing for Josh's personal perspective on what's good, and what's not.