QU Slides LaTeX Template

This is a LaTeX class and sample template for slides that follow a Queen's formatting style. The class is based on the Beamer class.

Queen's Presentation LaTeX (Beamer) Class and Template

This is a LaTeX template for presentation slides styled to roughly follow the fonts and styling described in the Queen's University Visual Identity guide.


The template is based on the Berkeley theme of the Beamer package. The class also uses a bunch of other packages (most are standard), listed here:

  • beamer (for the presentation slides package)
  • mathpazo (for Palatino math font)
  • fontspec (for system font stuff)
  • color (for colours)
  • fancyvrb (for nice verbatim style; e.g., for code)
  • amsmath, amsfonts, amssymb (for nice math)
  • hyperref (for hyperlinking)
  • xunicode (for using unicode characters)

Queen's Fonts

To match the Queen's visual identity, you need a couple of fonts installed on your system.

  • Palatino (Queen's main font)
  • Myriad Pro (an Adobe font, used by Queen's)
  • Menlo (not officially for Queen's, but looks better than Courier for monospaced text; e.g., code)

Font files for these are in the fonts folder. If you don't have them already, install them on your system before attempting to compile. If you need help, see documentation related to the fontspec package.

To use these fonts, the document needs to be compiled with XeLaTeX. If you use a Mac and TeXShop, the comments at the start of the template will do this automatically for you. If not, you need to be sure to use XeLaTeX.

Customizing the Presentation

Aspect Ratio

The default is set to an aspect ratio of 16:9 (wide format). You can return it to standard 4:3 aspect ratio by removing the option aspectratio=169 in the qslides.cls file.

Colour Scheme

The class has three options, which allow you to choose the colour theme. Choose one of tricolour, red, or blue when you call the class in your document.